A G M Meet at Kidderminster
Presentation of sweaters to Mr and Mrs Holdsworth

The Holdsworth Owners Club welcomes owners of all Holdsworth motor caravans who wish to obtain the maximum enjoyment from their Holdsworth van.

Within the membership is a wealth of knowledge in running a van carrying the Holdworth badge; this includes the provision of Owners Manuals and access to suppliers who might be able to provide parts and information that can keep a Holdsworth van on the road.

An informative and friendly Newsletter is produced at regular intervals and a social calendar extends throughout the year thus enabling members to meet others and maximise the enjoyment from ownership of a Holdsworth van.
Cost of membership is minimal.... Full details and a Membership Aplication Form please refer to contact page.
Thank you for viewing our blog- Iain Mackinnon.

To bring you up to date... Richard and Heather Holdsworth now live in Austrailia where their children and grandchildren are.  They are constantly in touch with us here in Britain and take a great pride in the  Owners Club and the continued use of Holdsworth motorhomes.

Each member joining the club will receive a copy of The Holdsworth Journey which gives the history of Holdsworths from the beginning to the end with  lots of wonderful pictures. This is as long as we still have stock.


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  4. Sorry but this company is too far away for most of our club members to deal with. Decals can be got through your local sign printers who have a PC printer.

  5. Hello Holdsworth Blog, I own a Vista and need to source some spare parts , in particular the step insert on the side loading door. Would be grateful if you had any information as to wether or not these parts are still available. Thanks Jon Trevan

  6. Hi, I am currently restoring a Renault Trafic San Remo XL and I am having trouble sourcing replacement interior knock on trim. The width of the ply is 24mm and I am only able to find 18mm. I would be extremely grateful if somebody could push me in the right direction.